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Victoria MacDonald

Author and Memoirist

New Release

Coming to Terms

Addiction is a beast that weaves through generations, wounding innocent children despite their parents’ love. Victoria’s parents’ alcoholism affected her throughout her childhood, and she perpetuated many of the same experiences and patterns in her own adult life, and later, in her parenting.


Coming to Terms is the true story of Victoria’s journey through addiction and recovery, including her positive experience with Twelve Step programs, her husband’s cancer diagnosis, and her son’s death by overdose.


Told in a series of flashbacks to both her childhood and her days as a young parent, Victoria’s sensitive spirit and tender hope are sure to evoke strong emotion, encouraging readers to continue to break free of their own generational cycles of trauma and strive for a better future. Recovery is possible for everyone, and can help even those deeply struggling with addiction to come to terms with the often tragic and traumatic events that may have occurred in their past.


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In "Coming to Terms," Victoria MacDonald has created an autobiography that is not linear in any traditional way. Instead, the narrative shifts from one segment of time and back again, where the ones who had such a powerful impact on her still exist. Having witnessed the pain, struggle, and hope encountered along the way, the reader comes to understand what coming to terms with all of this implies and comes to see that it is a process that, in the end, is based on learning to care for the other and on celebrating the gift of life on a day-to-day basis.


- Channah Cohen, Editor, Communications Coach, Writer

Sterling #4

Spring-Summer 2013

Publisher: Pens & Hammers Press

Author of: Really; Disappearance Act

Praise & Reviews

Rarely will you find a memoir so filled with raw heart-rending truth as this one. Victoria MacDonald has written a searing account of her experience with addiction, miraculously intertwining it with sorrow and compassion. The writing and the story are equally compelling. I don't want to overstate it, but this is a "must-read."


- Tina Feigal,

MS Ed. Author of "Present Moment Parenting"


For me, the most powerful aspect of "Coming to Terms" is how Victoria describes family trauma and the way it endures through generations.  She is able to look at herself with such honesty; understanding how generation after generation, families -- and especially the most sensitive members -- are painfully afflicted.   In "Coming to Terms" despite everyone's best intentions, we learn how a traumatic legacy finds its way to the author's beloved son.  He was too vulnerable.  He could not escape.

- Susan Britton,



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